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Excellent in workmanship

We take care of it! From waste container delivery until grounds clean-up. We take pride in doing the job correctly.

Top Quality Products

We use high quality materials that are built to last, so your money is well spent.


We make sure you understand unforeseen home deficiencies as soon as we find them, so that you can make the right call for your home in a stress-free manner.

At 40 Roofing, Renovations and Repairs

We are third generation contractors with extensive roofing experience so we can integrate your roof precisely into your home system. At 40 Roofing, Renovations and Repairs we know that the roof is so much more than a water barrier. A roof keeps your home cool and dry, ensures proper ventilation, provides drainage for home amenities and even allows plumbing to work properly.

40 Roofing, Renovation and Repairs is one of the leading roofing companies in Saskatoon. Our skilled team can provide roofing that keeps your home at its best. We re-roof residential housing with asphalt shingles or with metal raised rib roofing to exquisitely crown your home.

Excellent work comes from an exceptional team. Each member of our team has been chosen because they are a highly qualified, diligent, and kind employee. Each one of us is ready to handle the specific needs and requests of our customers, making us one of the top roofing choices available.

The best team

To ensure your needs are met, we only hire a first-rate staff of carpenters. With an outstanding track-record of customer satisfaction, you can be sure that professionalism and high-quality service are brought to your home.

Customer confidence

Our customers trust us to offer the best solutions in the industry. We’ve built our legacy on consistent success will continue to meet the needs of our valued customers.

Our clients are the best award

We have won over 50% of the bids we submitted last year. The testimonials of our customers prove we are capable to meet their needs.